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Popcorn, Indiana’s Fit Popcorn

Skinny popcorn for the win!  Not sure how popcorn can be fit, although it definitely is a better option than most snacks.  Good to see more individual, ‘school-ready’ snackpacks out there.  We found Popcorn, Indian’s fit individual bags recently at BJs.  They come 21 bags to a box.  We reviewed Popcorn, Indiana’s products before (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=popcorn%2C+indian), […]

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Angie’s Valentine Kettle Corn

Valentine’s Day is here, even though I noticed the stores putting out things on December 26th (no lie!).  A difficult task always used to be finding gluten free Valentine treats, but so many things exist now, you only need to choose which you want. We recently found Angie’s Tutti Frutti Kettle Corn snack packs at […]

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Angie’s Holidrizzle Popcorn

Oh, the holidays.  Lots of yummy things that no one needs to eat, but that we still do anyway!  Kettle corn drizzled white chocolate and peppermint?  Sure!  Even better, gluten free! We recently found Angie’s Holidrizzle Kettle Corn in a nice display at Harris Teeter.  This was about a day or so after Halloween, so […]

Orville Redenbacher Pop Crunch

We love quick snacks that also function as great travel companions.  You definitely get that with Orville Redenbacher’s new PopCrunch snacks.  We picked up both the brown sugar cinnamon and the white and sharp cheddar mix flavors.  We love them, our girls love them, and the bags clearly sport a ‘Gluten Free’ tag.  We found […]

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Jiffy Pop

How many of you adults remember Jiffy Pop on the range growing up? I think the shaking was definitely half the fun of it!  Well good news!  You can live vicariously through your kids–Jiffy Pop is another gluten free popcorn!  ConAgra Foods distributes Jiffy Pop, and like many other ConAgra Foods, they do a decent […]

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Popcorn For Movie Night

Kids love movies, and what goes great with movie night?  Popcorn, of course!  A nice, safe, treat, right?  You would think, obviously, popcorn only contains corn and that all popcorn was gluten free.  Not so apparently, as many popcorn brands add a variety of ingredients, including gluten. When looking at Pop-Secret, however, we noticed they […]

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