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Bold Organics Pizza

When you travel with Celiacs, you definitely need to bring lots of your own products.  You never know if the area you travel to will have gluten free items, so you want to play it safe.  In a previous  post I mentioned I spent the past two weekends with each daughter at Camp Seafarer in […]

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Kikkoman’s Soy Sauce

Up until this point, we used La Choy soy sauce, as Kikkoman did not come gluten free.  Now, though, we found a gluten free variety of Kikkoman.  Or more exactly, my mother-in-law (hi, Sue!) found it and served it to us at a recent dinner at their house.  Great news, as I prefer Kikkoman to […]

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Found More evol Meals

We did not try any of these, but you can see some of the evol gf meals that Kroger stocks.  And they look GOOD!  Fire Grilled Steak?  MMMMM!  We reviewed evol’s gluten free quesadillas here, but we did not think we would find more of their products stocked in the store.  Not so–so you can […]

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evol GF Quesadillas

We LOVE quick meals.  Unfortunately, up until now, quick meals and gluten free lifestyles did not easily merge.  However, recently, we have been finding more and more quick meals.  Kroger and Target really stepped up their frozen offerings.  We will review some things we found at Kroger soon, but today we will take a look […]

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Trader Joe Corn Penne

I am just amazed at how many gluten free pastas you can now find.  From going to a few brands which pretty much fell apart in water to the national brands selling a good texture pasta, we’ve come a long way.  You can pretty much find gluten free pasta anywhere you go now.  Recently at […]

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Robert Rothschild Dip

It doesn’t get any better than the holidays for a bunch of snacks.  We are currently up in Pennsylvania, visiting family, and still amazed at how many gluten free snacks you can find pretty much everywhere.  For hors d’oeuvres, before dinner last night my mother put out pumpkin pie dip from Roberth Rothschild Farm and […]

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Pillsbury Dough

Need something quick for the holidays?  Family coming and need a meal idea?  Well, we finally found the pre-packaged gf pizza crust dough from Pillsbury recently at the Kroger on Falls of Neuse and Strickland.  Great idea, put some dough in a plastic tub that you can refrigerate and use whenever.  They also make cookie […]

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Mueller’s GF Pasta

I guess it was just a matter of time–more like a matter of days–until we found the only other national pasta brand selling gluten free pasta.  We recently found Mueller’s GF corn and rice pasta in penne, fusilli, and spaghetti on a recent trip to Harris Teeter.  That rounds out all the big players, and […]

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Looking for a GOOD GF Pizza Recipe?

You know when a non-Celiac cannot get enough of a gf pizza it must be good.  That is just what happened with a homemade crust we tried recently.  Just look at that picture!  It makes my mouth water just looking at it.  In the past, crusts have been hit or miss.  Sometimes decent, mostly just […]

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Glutino English Muffins

One thing, as Celiacs, my wife and girls miss are English Muffins.  Those light, airy nooks and crannies sure do hide the butter well, plus you can make some pretty good mini-pizzas with them.  Most of the gf varieties we have tried so far could subsitute for a rock or paperweight for their density.  While […]

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