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Oskri Bars

Concluding our mini bar review, we look at Oskri bars today.  We also found these at Sheetz.  For a ‘gas station,’ you can definitely find a wide variety of quick gf snacks at Sheetz.  Oskri (http://oskri.com/) represents another health-conscious company making organic snacks. While we only found an assortment of bars at Sheetz from Oskri, […]

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That’s It Bars

A snack bar trend coming up! We just reviewed SMART Bars by Detour, next up, That’s It fruit bars.  You can find more about their 6 flavor all gluten free bars at http://www.thatsitfruit.com/. From their website, That’s It.TM bars grew from the idea that nature knows best. We agree. We believe that adding a bunch of extra […]

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We love to find quick little snacks while travelling.  Que the Sheetz music, as it seems we always seem to find new gf bars at Sheetz.  On our recent travels, we found SMART whole grain oatmeal bars with Greek yogurt drizzle.  Yum!  They come in Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, and Cranberry Flax.  Unlike regular breakfast-ish bars, […]

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Florida’s Natural Valentine Fruit Snacks

Happy February!  With February brings lots of love, pink, and candy!  Lots and lots of candy!  Luckily, much of the Valentine’s candy these days comes gluten free.  One thing we’ve reviewed many, many times is Florida’s Natural fruit snacks.  Since the early days, they clearly mark their products gluten free.  You can see many past […]

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Mallo Cups

So what kid doesn’t need more candy this time of year?  I remember growing up with Mallo Cups, up in Central Pennsylvania.  They were made by the Boyer company, which grew so large to even have an amusement park named after it, Boyertown USA, which has since become Lakemont Park in Altoona, PA. Anyway, back […]

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Orchard Bars

We love to find quick snacks, especially in convenience stores like Sheetz.  With the big travel holidays coming up, you can always find a Sheetz (or other quick stops) nearby.  While places like Sheetz have lots of snacks and meals for regular eaters, we can struggle at times finding gluten-free, Celiac friendly snacks.  One thing […]

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Kind Pumpkin Bars

It’s October, so everything we eat must contain pumpkin.  Or it sure seems like it!  Have no fear, lots of gluten free pumpkin options as well.  We recently found these Kind Maple Pumpkin Seed bars at Kroger.  We reviewed Kind granola (click here) and Kind bars (click here), so we are familiar with this brand. […]

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Good ‘N Natural at Sheetz

While looking for another gluten free bar at Sheetz, we found these Good ‘n natural cranberry almond bars.  They clearly show gluten free on the label, and their website (http://www.goodnnaturalbar.com/) shows a variety of flavors.  They actually talk about the founding of their company out of their kitchen for athletes and others who wanted a […]

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We love our quick travel snacks.  While traveling up North over the holidays we found these PopCorners at Sheetz.  Think of them as a triangular rice cake.  Pretty good too–a little salty, but a good snack for in the car, for lunches, or even for dipping, since they do seem a little tougher than a […]

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Kunzler Hot Dogs

To start a rumor…I think Kunzler hot dogs are what Sheetz uses.  And you can tell from this blog, we love us some Sheetz!  So we found these Kunzler chicken franks on our recent BJs trip.  A third option to gluten free hot dogs, with Hebrew National and Dietz & Watson (BJ’s brand) also in […]

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