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I Love Pomegranates

So most of us would assume fruit a gluten free product.  Never hurts, though, to see the packaging listed as gluten free.  We found these pomegranate seeds recently at Harris Teeter.  You can never go wrong with giving your children fruit.  You can find a variety of products with pomegranates, including fresh seeds, juice, even […]

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Raleigh’s Artsplosure Festival

The family went to the Lemur IMAX movie yesterday at Marbles.  Afterward, we decided to walk around the Artsplosure festival, as it is right in Moore Square, bordering Marbles (Click here for Raleigh Cel-Kids Map).  Like most of you, when we attend festivals, carnivals, and fairs, we bring lots of gf snacks, as you never […]

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Gluten Free Yehuda Matzo Crackers

Always interesting to think of Celiacs of certain religions and nationalities.  I always wonder about things like Irish at St. Patrick’s Day, and other things, but especially Jewish Celiacs.  While shopping at Wal*Mart recently, we found these gf matzo ‘style’ crackers.  Pretty interesting.  Of course it clearly states ‘not a replacement for matzo at the […]

Gluten Free Cafe Cereals

Wal*Mart always surprises us in the amount and variety of gluten free products they carry.  Recently, at the Wake Forest location, we found  Gluten Free Cafe hot and cold cereals.   We already found gluten free soup from Gluten Free Cafe (click here) and frozen dinners (click here).  Now we found Maple Buckwheat Flakes and […]

Campfire Marshmellows

So with cookout season coming, we recently found these Campfire Mallow Bursts at the Wake Forest Wal*Mart.  I love how clearly Campfire labels their marshmellows as being gluten free.  We usually buy Kraft marshmellows, and they do not clearly label theirs.  They list all the ingredients, and we can infer no gluten was used in […]

Trader Joe’s GF Caramel Popcorn

How many of you adults remember getting popcorn from those stores in the mall (KarmelKorn, I believe was one name) or in the department stores such as Hills (maybe mostly a northern store)?  We recently found something similar on a trip to Trader Joe’s.  You can get their caramel corn in a small bag, with […]

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Trader Joe Chocolate Covered Toffee Popcorn

We always find so many interesting snacks at Trader Joe’s.  On a recent trip we found bags of milk chocolate covered toffee popcorn.  You can see in the picture, they clearly marked it with their gluten free symbol (bottom, right corner).  What a great snack for travelling, watching movies at home, or for a special […]

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Boulder Canyon Veggie Crisps

You can find so many great gluten free snacks pretty much everywhere these days.  We definitely like trying new ones and found these Boulder Canyon Garden Select Vegetable Crisps recently at Kroger.  Another ‘all natural’ company with a lot of variety. You can see more at their website (http://www.bouldercanyonfoods.com/), but you really can find a […]

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Ok, our girls would probably live on these if we let them. Every time we enter a store like Kroger’s or Sheetz that carry them, the girls just sense where they are and begin asking for them. So funny. Nice though, as we do not need to stress too much about them, they contain some […]

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Hoppy Easter With Utz

Happy Easter, Everyone!  We have already gone through our egg hunt and both girls found these Utz Cotton Tails white cheese balls in their baskets.   Utz does a great job with labeling their products, and these are no exception.  On the back, by the ingredients, you see ‘This is a gluten free food.’ Good […]

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