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Camp Seafarer Report

My daughter and I recently spent the weekend at Camp Seafarer in Arapahoe, NC for our Y Princess Spring Outing.  Y Princesses is a YMCA sponsored organization (http://yguides.ymcatriangle.org/) that seeks to build good relationships between dads and daughters and dads and sons.  We participate in a number of activities and meetings with our tribe throughout […]

White House Handi Fruit

We mentioned a recent trip up North and the need for quick snacks.  While travelling through ‘Apple Country’ in Winchester, Virginia, we stopped at a Sheetz.  Just needing a quick snack, we found these White House Handi Fruit apple sauce packets.  You may not be able to see it clearly on the pouch, but they […]

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Sauces for Celiac Parrotheads

Ok, maybe a few too many Jimmy references, but we found a line of sauces at Target recently.  Margaritaville sauces, available in original bbq and Sweet and Spice BBQ both come gluten free.  Definitely try some this summer for your barbecues!

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General Mills’ Gluten Freely Webpage

Most of you know many of the great gluten free products General Mills produces.  From cereals to cake mixes to gluten-free Bisquick, General Mills definitely committed themselves to the gluten-free space.  With a well-timed reference from our group’s sponsor Pat, I checked their site again recently (http://www.glutenfreely.com/) and was shocked at all the additional resources […]

4th of July ‘GF Table’

I bet most of you experienced the ‘kid’s table’ growing up.  For those who never had the privilege (that was sarcasm!), the kid’s table came out when you went to a large family gathering.  During the meal, you could not fit the whole family around the table, so you introduced a small card table for the kids. […]

Summer Treats

The Fourth of July occurs soon, and with it will bring lots of summer cookouts, picnics, and opportunities for summer treats.  Last year we reviewed a variety of gluten free cool treats that we would like to share again.  As always, check labels and websites first for the most current information, as it is possible […]

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Gluten Free Berry Cheesecake Cups

Ever need an easy dessert for a summertime party or picnic?  With the 4th of July, beach trips, and other events, a light, unique dessert can be refreshing for Celiacs.  We found a great dessert to try–gluten free berry cheesecake cups. Crust: 1 1/2 cups Cinnamon or Chocolate Chex 2 tblspoons sugar 2 tblspoons butter […]

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Cooking Out This Memorial Day?

Memorial Day and the unofficial start of summer approaches!  While we want to share some gluten free items, we also want to briefly reflect on Memorial Day.  Remember why and who we memorialize today.  The US is a great country, we all should be thankful for those who fought for our lifestyles! So many of […]

Smooze Fruit Ice

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend… I believe this will represent our last Home Goods product for now.  Amazing to see so many products at a store you would not typically think of when considering gluten free foods. So with summer rapidly coming, we need to begin looking for delicious snacks to cool us […]

Gluten Free at Pullen Park

Over the years, we have become accustomed to bringing lunch and snacks everywhere for our girls.  Whether we go to an amusement park, the airport, or a park, we know we probably will not find many things for the girls to eat.  Pullen Park (Cel-Kids Map) , however, bucks that trend.  The classic park near […]

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