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GF Valentine’s Pirate Booty

Well, we missed getting this up in time for Valentine’s Day, but glad to see the folks at Pirate’s Booty prepare for the holidays!

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Dr. Praeger’s GF Fish Sticks

Continuing our mini-series on quick meals, today we’ll take a look at Dr. Praeger’s potato crusted fish sticks.  We found them recently in the frozen section of Target.  So glad to see things like this.  Our girls’ palates are not that mature yet, as most kids, so we stick with the basics-pb&js on gluten free […]

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evol GF Quesadillas

We LOVE quick meals.  Unfortunately, up until now, quick meals and gluten free lifestyles did not easily merge.  However, recently, we have been finding more and more quick meals.  Kroger and Target really stepped up their frozen offerings.  We will review some things we found at Kroger soon, but today we will take a look […]

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Angie’s Valentine Kettle Corn

Valentine’s Day is here, even though I noticed the stores putting out things on December 26th (no lie!).  A difficult task always used to be finding gluten free Valentine treats, but so many things exist now, you only need to choose which you want. We recently found Angie’s Tutti Frutti Kettle Corn snack packs at […]

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Florida’s Natural Valentine Fruit Snacks

Happy February!  With February brings lots of love, pink, and candy!  Lots and lots of candy!  Luckily, much of the Valentine’s candy these days comes gluten free.  One thing we’ve reviewed many, many times is Florida’s Natural fruit snacks.  Since the early days, they clearly mark their products gluten free.  You can see many past […]

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Applegate GF Tenders

Who doesn’t like quick and easy meals?  Especially when you can pick them up at a regular grocery store you are stopping at anyways.  While on recent trip to Target, we needed something quick for dinner.  Enter Applegate Naturals chicken breast tenders.  Applegate Naturals (http://www.applegate.com/) makes a very extensive line of ‘healthy-ish’ and GMO free products. […]

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Siggi’s Yogurt

Thankfully yogurt seems to be one thing, across the board, not containing gluten.  You do need to watch out for the ones that contain wheat or oats, or come with the little ‘mix’ with various candies and grains, but overall, you can find a lot of gf brands pretty much anywhere. On a recent Target […]

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PopChips–Sweet Potato

You never expect to find gluten free snacks when scouring After Christmas sales, but that is exactly what happened to us while looking for Christmas bargains recently at Target.  We stopped to just check on wrapping paper, bows, and LIGHTS (call me Clark Griswold) a few days after Christmas.  Surprisingly, we found lots of things, […]

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Target Gluten Free Crackers

Along with the pasta we reviewed recently (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=3116), Target’s Simply Balanced brand now makes gluten free crackers. Similar to the rice thins we bought from other brands, a pretty good snack cracker.  We like to slice some cheese for snacks with these.  If feeling especially creative, we’ll melt the cheese on them in the microwave. […]

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Ronzoni Gluten Free Pasta

So here goes another big, national brand of pasta making a gluten free version, or versions, since Ronzoni makes both penne and spaghetti gluten free versions.  This is a little different, as we see it made with a mix of brown rice, corn, and quinoa flours.  We have not tried it yet, but did pick […]

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