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Trader Joe’s GF Caramel Popcorn

How many of you adults remember getting popcorn from those stores in the mall (KarmelKorn, I believe was one name) or in the department stores such as Hills (maybe mostly a northern store)?  We recently found something similar on a trip to Trader Joe’s.  You can get their caramel corn in a small bag, with […]

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Trader Joe Chocolate Covered Toffee Popcorn

We always find so many interesting snacks at Trader Joe’s.  On a recent trip we found bags of milk chocolate covered toffee popcorn.  You can see in the picture, they clearly marked it with their gluten free symbol (bottom, right corner).  What a great snack for travelling, watching movies at home, or for a special […]

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Trader Joe Corn Penne

I am just amazed at how many gluten free pastas you can now find.  From going to a few brands which pretty much fell apart in water to the national brands selling a good texture pasta, we’ve come a long way.  You can pretty much find gluten free pasta anywhere you go now.  Recently at […]

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Trader Joe Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yeah, we like some cookies!  Especially finding chocolate chip gluten free cookies.  We did just that recently on a trip to Trader Joe.  We saw their Crispy Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies in the past, but did not pick them up until recently.  Glad we did this time–pretty good cookies!  Especially dipped in milk!

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Trader Joe Joe-Joe’s Go Gluten Free!

Who doesn’t love an Oreo?  Celiacs, that’s who.  Up until now, while you could find some chocolate/vanilla cookies, most did not even remotely compare to Oreos.  While on a Trader Joe trip recently, we found another contender.  For years TJ has made their own Joe-Joe’s, of course with lots of gluten.  We happened to accidentally […]

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Potato Trio–More GF Chips from Trader Joe

Yes, you can never go wrong with gluten free chips.  These Potato Trio chips found at Trader Joe bring a different taste to traditional chips.  Maybe it’s the unsalted variety or maybe the variety of potatoes used, but these thicker chips will definitely get eaten in your family.  Since they are thicker and unsalted, they […]

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Trader Jose’s Salsa

Well, we recently reviewed Trader Jose’s tortilla chips.  You have a bag of chips, so obviously you need a dip.  Look no further than Trader Jose’s fresh salsa.  You find it in the coolers as you first enter the store.  I like the fresh types of salsa–not as pastey as the regular jars of salsa, […]

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Trader Joe Pizzas

We discovered last week that you can now get frozen gluten free pizzas from Trader Joe’s.  We picked up a couple and finally had a pizza night.  Overall, not bad, and at a decent price.  Their crust is more of the gummy kind, as opposed to the more dense and crisp crusts like Bella Monica, […]

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Trader Jose Tortilla Chips

My family is full of chip junkies!  And thankfully, lots of gluten free options exist.  We recently found Trader Jose’s (gotta love how Trader Joe themes their products!) Tortilla Chips.  A good, unique taste and lightly salted.  The chips are pretty large and able to hold up with salsas and dips.  Look for a review […]

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Gourmet Popcorn

So many great popcorn flavors recently.  White cheddar, cinnamon, kettle–and most gluten free.  Good time to be a Celiac!  While on a recent trip to Trader Joe’s we found another one–popcorn already popped with herbs and spices.  Some like sweet popcorn (yes, please!), some like salty popcorn (yes, again, please!), and some like it all. […]

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