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Florida’s Natural Valentine Fruit Snacks

Happy February!  With February brings lots of love, pink, and candy!  Lots and lots of candy!  Luckily, much of the Valentine’s candy these days comes gluten free.  One thing we’ve reviewed many, many times is Florida’s Natural fruit snacks.  Since the early days, they clearly mark their products gluten free.  You can see many past […]

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Canyon Bakehouse Bread

We do not try and review too many breads these days as our girls like to stick with some favorites like Udi’s and Rudi’s.  My mother-in-law makes bread for the girls from time to time as well.  We did find a new one to try recently at Earth Fare. Canyon Bakehouse (http://canyonglutenfree.com/) makes a variety […]

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Mallo Cups

So what kid doesn’t need more candy this time of year?  I remember growing up with Mallo Cups, up in Central Pennsylvania.  They were made by the Boyer company, which grew so large to even have an amusement park named after it, Boyertown USA, which has since become Lakemont Park in Altoona, PA. Anyway, back […]

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Snyder’s Pretzels–Snack Sized

Over the years, we have watched more and more snacks come gluten free.  A few years ago, we started seeing brands like Glutino offer gluten free pretzels.  Of course the next logical step for the gf brands was to sell pretzels in different flavors like chocolate covered.  Then we saw the national brands like Snyder’s […]

Christmas Angry Birds

You know what time it is?  Yup, when the regular products we buy everyday put on a Christmas wrapper that we cannot avoid.  Nice, though, for the Celiacs out there that so many of them come gluten free now.  Not that we need more fruit gummies or that Angry Birds remind us of the Holidays, […]

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Angie’s Holidrizzle Popcorn

Oh, the holidays.  Lots of yummy things that no one needs to eat, but that we still do anyway!  Kettle corn drizzled white chocolate and peppermint?  Sure!  Even better, gluten free! We recently found Angie’s Holidrizzle Kettle Corn in a nice display at Harris Teeter.  This was about a day or so after Halloween, so […]

Lucy’s Christmas Cookies

With Thanksgiving behind us, let’s get into Christmas!  Looks like we’ll see a lot of new, great products this holiday season, if the past week is any indication. Nothing says Christmas like sugar cookies.  Gluten free recipes have come a long way, and you can make some pretty good ones these days.  Still nice to […]

Target Gluten Free Crackers

Along with the pasta we reviewed recently (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=3116), Target’s Simply Balanced brand now makes gluten free crackers. Similar to the rice thins we bought from other brands, a pretty good snack cracker.  We like to slice some cheese for snacks with these.  If feeling especially creative, we’ll melt the cheese on them in the microwave. […]

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Orchard Bars

We love to find quick snacks, especially in convenience stores like Sheetz.  With the big travel holidays coming up, you can always find a Sheetz (or other quick stops) nearby.  While places like Sheetz have lots of snacks and meals for regular eaters, we can struggle at times finding gluten-free, Celiac friendly snacks.  One thing […]

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SamMills Gluten Free Granola Bars

So not to be a hypocrite, but in a recent post I pretty much condemned South Beach Diet GF bars.  Now I am here to commend SamMills gf peanut butter granola bars.  We’ve reviewed SamMills corn pasta in the past (click here), so now we see them branching out into granola bars.  We picked these […]

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