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Utz Snow Balls

The Utz brand of snacks does a great job in labeling their products.  They also do a nice job ‘holidayzing’ their products.  At Halloween, they had individually wrapped (and themed) trick or trick bags of cheese balls.  In the past, they have had snow balls, white cheese balls, in a jar.  This year, we found […]

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Gluten Free Cream of Rice

While never a Cream of Wheat person, I do like my oatmeal in the winter.  The girls, since Celiac, not so much.  So what can a Celiac find for a warm breakfast?  We recently found gluten free Cream of Rice cereal.  As it begins to get colder out, we definitely start looking for some warmer […]

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SamMills Gluten Free Granola Bars

So not to be a hypocrite, but in a recent post I pretty much condemned South Beach Diet GF bars.  Now I am here to commend SamMills gf peanut butter granola bars.  We’ve reviewed SamMills corn pasta in the past (click here), so now we see them branching out into granola bars.  We picked these […]

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South Beach Diet GF Bars

So I’m not too sure how I feel about these bars I recently found at Wal*Mart.  On the one hand, I guess it’s good to see additional varieties of gluten free bars.  On the other, I do not like to see gluten-free foods marketed as diet foods.  I guess, though, even folks on a diet […]

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Boo Berry–Gluten Free or Not?

So with Halloween arriving, we get tempted by all the Halloween candy out there.  As a kid, I remember all the monster cereals quite fondly.  Boo Berry, Franken Berry, Count Chocula…how I loved how each turned my milk all the colors of the rainbow.  Now, though, it seems you can only find them at Halloween […]

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Snack ‘n’ Bites

We found a new snack, recently, on a trip to Wal*Mart.  While you can find lots of gluten free snack chips, we always like to try the new ones.  Similar to many other of the rice crisps out there, we picked up a bag of the salt and vinegar variety.  You can also find them […]

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XO Baking Company

Definitely a baking mix theme around the Cel-Kids blog recently.  Looks like it will continue with some other new mixes we will review in the coming days.  Today we’ll look at XO Baking Company, an exclusively gluten free company making a variety of baking mixes for cakes, brownies, and more.  Find them online at http://xobakingco.com/. While […]

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Domata Flour

While we regularly share lots of new gluten free projects, home baking can still be a bit of a challenge.  While you can find many baking mixes, many we’ve reviewed, each one comes with its own quirks.  Some may need to be mixed with xanthan gum, some may need an extra cup or 1/2 cup […]

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Angry Bird Fruit Snacks

We love to see new products and companies finally moving toward better labeling of gluten free products.  We recently stopped at the Wake Forest Wal*Mart and found Angry Bird fruit snacks.  You can see how they clearly label the box.  We had no chance of NOT bringing these home, as, even with the Angry Bird […]

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Gluten Free Duck Pasta

Wal*Mart continues to be a good place for a variety of different gf products.  We recently found SamMills (maker of GF granola and corn pasta here) Duck Pasta.  It comes in a bag that a typical family could get two servings out of.  The pasta itself is the usual corn taste, pretty mild, good with […]

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