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Siggi’s Yogurt

Thankfully yogurt seems to be one thing, across the board, not containing gluten.  You do need to watch out for the ones that contain wheat or oats, or come with the little ‘mix’ with various candies and grains, but overall, you can find a lot of gf brands pretty much anywhere. On a recent Target […]

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Noosa Yoghurt

Hmmm…Australian styled yogurt (or yoghurt–they like that spelling, I guess) made in Colorado.  You just never know what you may find.  We did find this yogurt at BJs recently.  You see they clearly mark it gluten free and all natural as well.  I do like that, as we hear more and more about foods either […]

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Liberte Greek Yogurt

Most yogurts these day comes gluten free.  You still need to watch, though, and check those labels carefully. Thankfully, companies like Liberte clearly mark their labels clearly.  We found this new yogurt at BJs recently.  For those on the Greek bandwagon (like my girls!), you will like these yogurts.  Not all of us like the […]

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Yo Crunch with Fruity Pebbles–What Could Be Better!

So we know that one of the best kid’s cereals (Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles) come gluten free (click here).  We know that their treat bars (click here) also come gluten free.  All that’s missing are their yogurts, and sure enough, while at our newly remodeled Harris Teeter on Falls of Neuse recently, we found YoCrunch […]

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More Gluten Free Yogurt

When we recently went to another Kids Eat Free night at Earth Fare, one of my daughters selected Cascade gluten free yogurt.  As you can see on the side, they clearly mark it gluten free.  While we have not found it other than at Earth Fare, we definitely like seeing additional gluten free yogurts.  Yes, […]

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Yoplait Splitz

You would think all yogurts would be without gluten.  Unfortunately, you would be wrong.  Lots of yogurt adds crunchy pieces, or granola, which a Celiac should not eat.  Thankfully, though, you can purchase a variety of Yoplait yogurt, which, if gluten free, they clearly mark. We recently found Yoplait Splitz, in three yummy flavors, Rainbow […]

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More GF Yogurt!

While shopping recently, we stopped in the yogurt section to look through all the brands and flavors. Years ago, before our oldest was first diagnosed, she loved Breyer’s Creme Savers.  If not familiar, Creme Savers yogurt taste just like the Creme Savers hard candies.  Yum!  But alas, at that time, they could not guarantee they […]

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Go Gurt

Our family LOVES yogurt.  And while many of the kid-focused yogurt contains an ample amount of sugar, it does contain needed calcium and vitamins hard to get in a gluten free diet.  So we encourage our girls to consume. You do need to watch which brands you purchase.  Some do contain gluten.  Obviously the ones […]

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